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Microsoft Live@edu

Marketing Materials

We've made promoting your Live@edu services as simple as possible with a wide selection of customizable templates for both digital and printed materials.

You can download packets of these templates to help you introduce newly launched Live@edu services, inform incoming students how to activate and uset their accounts, or encourage ongoing usage by reminding your community about features like shared calendars or online file storage.

Find materials by promotion type:

  • Getting Started
    Introduce all users to Live@edu upon launch of the services and provide instructions on activating their accounts. (147MB Zip File)

  • New Student Orientation
    Inform incoming students how to use and the benefits of their Live@edu services. (149MB Zip File)

  • Promote Ongoing Usage
    Keep the momentum going and encourage greater overall adoption by reminding users of useful Live@edu features, such as shared calendars or online file storage. (151MB Zip File)


Need Help? If you have questions or need additional information about these materials, you can get help from others at Live@eduAnswers in the School Best Practices forum.

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